Berlinger vs. Everyone (who's got next?)

Not to, uh, poke the Berl here…

…but the recent kerfuffling involving legendary director and noted onion-skin Joe Berlinger prompted our esteemed reader sinnerforhire to “kind of” hope Berlinger takes out after “Erin Lee Carr or Liz Garbus” next, “just to watch them eviscerate him.” Eve and I do not expect, but will happily team up on the petard for, any correspondence from Berlinger, but we too wonder when he’s finally going to kick the wrong beehive.

So: who you got? I was all set to suggest Nancy Grace, and then I wandered into the cheery hallway of my mind palace in which Berlinger is tangling with K-Pop fandom, and I think I’ll live there for a while. But if someone else wanders into that hallway selling tickets to Berlinger vs. Roxane Gay, I’m buyin’ a whole row. — SDB