At "Dr. Death"'s Door

Welcome to the Dr. Death open thread! Are you watching the Peacock docudrama? What do you think so far? I’m about halfway through and quite impressed with it so far; it’s not perfect — some flashback-pacing issues — but the episode directors keep things visually interesting, and the acting is fantastic. Kudos to Joshua Jackson for inhabiting this scumbag so believably…but especially to the crime-fighting team (Dr. Kirby’s words, not mine) of Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. Slater is ridiculously charming in this role; the “hee heeeeee!”s are so weird. Every time the action goes back to those two, it’s like, spinoff now please.

Did you listen to the Wondery podcast? Are you avoiding both because body-horror true crime isn’t how you weekend? (…Fair. Go watch Heist. “Which one?” Either one!) Did you see that my other work wife going back to Dawson’s Wrap in the late ‘90s, Tara Ariano, talked to Pacey about DD for Vanity Fair?

(“Can I talk in here about that WaPo insurrection-book excerpt?” …Fuggit, why not.) — SDB