Where To Begin, Mr. President?

As I mentioned yesterday, the current presidency is such a circus that it’s made American Crime Story: Impeachment’s story feel a little creaky and small-time. Given the popularity of true crime as a genre and this nation’s increasing desire to watch President Trump flail (have you watched CNN lately? We need a stronger word than schadenfreude for — waves hands — all that), it’s safe to assume that savvy show-runners are preparing their Trump true-crime properties now.

But with a veritable Cheesecake Factory-sized menu of transgressions to choose from, these folks must be spoiled for choice. How can they choose just one crime, when there are so many allegations, ranging from sedition to sexual assault to financial crimes, to choose from?

The decision, I suspect, will come down to which tales stand the best chance of grabbing the attention of an audience that’s already relieved that he’s gone. So. What would you do, if you were planning a true-crime movie or series about Donald Trump? Which allegations would make for the best documentary or dramatic adaptation? Which one would you watch?

Since it’s been a loooong four years, I’ve pulled a couple roundups of potentially prosecutable charges that the soon-to-be-former president could face. Oh, look, there’s Stormy Daniels; forgot about her!

OK, got your idea? Let’s hear it, including format (series or feature, doc or drama), talking heads (if doc), or casting (if drama). Dibs on Bruce Campbell for Roger Stone. — EB