The Blotter Presents 118 Discussion Thread

Hello, friends! We’ve got some bicoastal tech issues that are wreaking havoc with our publishing schedule, so it’s discussion-thread time — let’s talk about this week’s podcast and various ancillary subjects! Below, the show notes from Ep 118…

…and I’d love to hear from you on Bad Batch; whether you think it stacks up to Dr. Death; whether you’ve watched Tell Me Who I Am and if it made YOU think of Three Identical Strangers; if you plan to get After The Eclipse from the library, and if the term “crime-oir” is too flip (I feel like it is, but I haven’t come up with a good/accurate alternative).

Or, hell, talk about a recent Frontline or one of the gazillion books I’m in the middle of on Goodreads, or something you’re looking forward to in true crime next month.