It's time to revive a beloved true-crime property!

Yesterday, CBS All-Access announced that it’s cancelling Interrogation, and while it’s likely to go unmourned, the news made me annoyed about Mindhunter all over again. Is that the one I’d pick if I could revive any true-crime work, be it docuseries, monthly glossy column, or anthology franchise? …Maybe. But maybe I’d reach through the veil and contact the restless spirit of Mr. Dominick Dunne, because if the last few years have lacked for anything, it’s his courtroom dispatches.

Are you going Mindhunter? Even more Making A Murderer? Reanimating Ann Rule or Joe McGinniss? (…Dang, I might have to change mine to McGinniss; that Gothic Street Kindle Single series was pretty great.) Scheduling, budget, and the icy embrace of the grave are no object. — SDB