When will you be ready for pandemic-related true crime?

Hello, friends! We usually save our discussion thread for Fridays, but I had a wild schedule this week! So you’re getting the thread today, and a full issue tomorrow. — EB

As we approach a year in lockdown, I think we can agree that the pandemic has presented some unique opportunities for scams and crimes, from profiteering (remember that hand sanitizer bust?) to the bounty of vaccine schemes to heists enabled by mask regulations. And that’s just the small-time malfeasance we know about now. Just wait until the dust clears, and the investigations by officials and journalists really get going!

My prediction is that the virus will birth a whole cottage industry of COVID-related true-crime content. Are there crime narratives that rose in the pandemic that you’d like to see an adaptation of? If so, we want to hear them. But we also wonder…are we pandemic-ed out? Should savvy content creators move swiftly and get those yarns out now, while we’re all still stuck at home waiting for our vaccines to be administered/kick in? Or should they wait until we have a safer distance from the day-to-day COVID grind? What do you think?