What's your true-crime "desert island" city?

Inspired by a tweet from acclaimed Detroit journo Robert Snell yesterday…

…we’d love to know: If you can only consume true-crime about/involving ONE metro area for the rest of your life, which metro area do you pick?

I will have to work through this alongside y’all, because the “home team” is very tempting, albeit a little Mob-heavy for some people’s taste, and even if I threw out NYC and went with Newark, or Camden, or some other “but wait so people just…do corruption like it’s clearing their throats?” Jersey municipality, there’s oodles to choose from.

But if you keep reading the thread above, you’ll see that that headline — which is not an April Fool’s joke, as Eve asked/I assumed — is in fact “the second drug trafficking story involving Metro Detroit and a submarine in the last year.” So the 313 is making an extremely solid argument to take it all in this theoretical true-crime Citydome.

That said, I ain’t betting against San Fran, Dallas, or New Orleans here. Where you got? — SDB