Friday Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Take On The D.B. Cooper Case?

Sarah’s obsession with D.B. Cooper is near-infamous (she might deny it, but the way Slack lights up with “Sarah is typing” when the 1971 hijacking case comes up suggests otherwise), so much so that she’s covered Leverage’s fictional look at the yarn, the History Channel’s examination of the escape and even brought Cooper into discussions of books like The Skies Belong To Us.

She’s not the only one who’s always got Cooper in the back of her head: It seems like eventually, even the least likely stories come up Cooper (NewsRadio? Anyone?).

What’s your favorite take on the DB Cooper escapade? Nothing’s off-limits: Fiction, documentary, or even the thinly veiled allusion. Bonus question: Pitch how you’d adapt the D.B. Cooper story (podcast, small-screen, and feature are all options) and who you’d cast. I mean, what else does Jon Hamm have going?