What true-crime authors need to tag out?

Today’s discussion topic is a part two of sorts to last week’s part one, on the genre stories/cases that need a thorough reimagining — but today, we’re talking about the authors of those stories specifically. What big-name true-crime authors’ work would you like to reassign?

The reasons can range from problematic behavior unrelated their authorship (Jeffrey Toobin, who returned to CNN yesterday to talk about The Zoom Incident) to troubling allegations re: their handling of the cases that made them big names (Vincent Bugliosi) to latter-day authorial blunders that dragged down the rest of their oeuvres (Joe McGinniss).

And you’ve got a couple crackpots whose writing isn’t great (Graysmith…sorry, buddy).

So, pick a bold-type author or book and slap someone else’s name on the spine. Walter Kirn is not without his own iss-yews but I’m-a put him on Zodiac, maybe I’d actually finish the thing. Who you got? — SDB