What once-ubiquitous case needs a current re-examination?

A History Channel mailer informed me that the Achille Lauro hijacking came to an end 36 years ago last Sunday. Two TV-movie projects got made in 1989-90 about the hijacking, one with Burt Lancaster and one with Karl Malden, which seems like about three too many, but that event seemed to dwell in everyone’s minds for years…and then it dropped below the horizon. The Franklin case, same thing, I think; it was everywhere, every talk show, every longform magazine, and then for whatever reason — OJ; the Starr report; who knows — it stopped being a thing people just knew and discussed, and started being more of a footnote.

So many of the cases from 25-30 years ago have gotten multiple miniseries and docuseries — but so many haven’t. What’s a case from a generation ago that burned bright and then disappeared, and should get another look today? — SDB