True crime vs. history?

2020 is making a lot of horrifying tragedies seem smaller, including the attacks 19 years ago, but I wrote my annual 9/11 piece for anyway. As I drafted, I wondered, as I have a number of times over the years not just about 9/11 but the Oklahoma City bombing, assassinations, even war crimes and/or the Nazi death camps, how we distinguish between “crime” and “history.” Do we consider terrorism “true crime”? I do consider JFK content true crime — but is an account of My Lai also true crime? Shoah?

Is it the difference between crime and atrocity? And where’s the line?

It’s a hard day at the end of yet another astonishing week, so if you can’t take this puzzle on, we get it. I don’t have an answer either. Please take care of yourselves out there. — SDB