What if Aubrey O'Day had a true-crime gig?

Aubrey O’Day needs a true-crime franchise. I am NOT a crackpot.

…Okay, I am, but hear me out. Aubrey came to fame as the first girl picked for girl group Danity Kane on Making The Band 3, a show I still miss. After getting fired from the group — Diddy’s rationale was so muddled that the rumors that they’d had A Thing, and that the firing was actually a dumping, started immediately; I suspect it was something more like “she wasn’t about the boss’s bullshit and got canned,” but anyway — Aubrey had a couple cutesy E! reality shows of her own; went on Celebrity Apprentice and guest-judged on RPDR; and had an affair with Donald Trump Jr.

That last thing is extra not great, but she’s making up for it by blowing up every one of his spots she can…

…and just today she scolded Ted Cruz for not taking care of business in Texas, so at the very least she’s worth a follow on Twitter, but I for one am not satisfied with this and feel that she should create and star in a property in which she investigates crimes while talking shit. It’s not that Aubrey needs our help; it’s that we need hers, because the current blonde sitting on a throne of true-crime-brand fat stacks, Nancy Grace, is a badge-humping nightmare, and furthermore would probably never bring a Pomeranian to set with her.

We deserve better. Get Aubrey a research team, a premium-cable time slot or a sweet iHeart deal, and a show name better than O’Day In Court, and let’s do this. I am NOT a crackpot.

(Am I? Do you think she should do a murder-ballads album instead? Become a Dateline correspondent? Fantasy-cast Aubrey anywhere in the genre; I’m here for it.)