What do you consider "required reading" on domestic terrorism?

With the “Whitmer 13” dominating the headlines, and Leah Sottile’s latest excellent podcast, Two Minutes Past 9, dominating my podcast app (and your Forcening recommendations!) at the moment, I thought we could put our heads together about a syllabus on the subject. I’m primarily talking about American domestic terrorism, not that that narrows the subject down much [heavy sigh].

Off the top of my head, in addition to 2MP9 and Bundyville’s second season, I’d recommend American Experience’s “Oklahoma City”; Dave Cullen’s Columbine; and Pamela Colloff’s “The Reckoning” (as well as the doc derived in large part from Colloff’s “96 Minutes,” Tower.

Docs, Frontline episodes, New Yorker pieces, pods, books are all welcome. …Well: you know. “Welcome.” But I do look forward to your recs, as always! — SDB