Weekend Recs Open Thread + TCO

Hello, all! It’s SDB. Eve is going up against a late-summer cold today, so you’ll get her Last Days Of August pod review tomorrow instead. Today, let’s do an open thread on what you’re reading, watching, or listening to this coming weekend — and what you want other people to consume with you so you can talk about it.

I’m finishing up Poniewozik’s outstanding book on TV/Trump culture, which is not technically true crime except that 1) Trump is a crook and 2) his writing is so good that it makes me want to break something? And then I’m starting King Con. On the listening tip, if you haven’t gotten around to Kim Goldman’s Confronting podcast yet, I highly recommend it. It’s difficult, sublime testimony.

And! If anyone’s going to the Bell House Saturday evening for the True Crime Obsessed/Missing Maura Murray live cross-over event, I’ll be in attendance. Well, at least until the rag in the tailpipe comes up, at which time I’ll be rushing out the back door and into traffic because I really cannot with that case detail. Anyway, come say hello to the big blonde with blue glasses, and then avenge me. hee. - SDB