True Crime A To Z: N

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After the glut of candidates in our M entry yesterday, it’s a bit thinner on the ground with N…but both panelists whose names start with H made me jealous that I hadn’t thought of their nominees. Not much overlap here either, but what there is centers on a figure who inspired my mother to coin the word “sordidry” at the breakfast table…

Margaret Howie: "96 Minutes" by Pamela Colloff (2006). If this was the only time that Pamela Colloff delved into the background of an almost-forgotten crime to find new truths that were shockingly relevant to today, she’d earn a place in the canon. But Colloff does this so often that her work is the stuff of longform legend — get lost in her Texas Monthly back catalog sometime. “96 Minutes” still stands out, the oral history of a school shooting in 1966 at the University of Austin that’s an engrossing, horrifying read. It would go on to be the basis of the riveting 2016 animated documentary Tower.

SDB: The Neulanders. Once upon a time, in the early days of The Blotter Presents, I talked with my esteemed colleague Kim Reed about Robert Neulander, accused of murdering his wife Leslie and covering it up as a slip-and-fall accident in 2012. That’s her local Neulander case; the Jersey Neulander case is Rabbi Fred, accused of hiring a braggy hit man named Len Jenoff to kill his wife in 1994. Both men maintain their innocence, but while Robert has gotten a new trial, Fred remains a guest of NJ-DOC. (Not that I care to use the word “honorable” anywhere near this individual…let’s go with “other mentions”: Larry Nasser; Netflix, which linked arms with HBO to get TV true crime taken seriously.)

Susan Howard: Jay Robert Nash. Author of numerous true-crime anthologies that served as introductory texts to aficionados reared in the 1970s and 1980s. (Honorable mentions: Evelyn Nesbit; Eliot Ness; Fred Neulander.)

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