True Crime A To Z: C

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Kevin Smokler: The Criminal podcast.

SDB: The Confronting: OJ Simpson podcast. Kim Goldman’s…well, I don’t know how to classify it, exactly, and that’s part of what makes it extraordinary: like all great true crime, it transcends the genre and becomes about not just a crime, but about grief, about race, about ourselves. I kept meaning to review it and then just not really having the words, but it had me in tears several times. (Honorable mentions: Charles Lindbergh, Jr.; The Cases That Haunt Us by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker.)

Susan Howard: Cooper, DB. Perennial favorite (and probably forever) unsolved crime and subject of endless speculation and conjecture. (Honorable mentions: City Confidential; Central Park Five; Columbine by Dave Cullen; Erin Lee Carr true-crime documentaries.)

Margaret Howie: Client 9 (2010). Something Alex Gibney pulls off better than most documentarians in the game is a Hitchcockian sense of urgency to the story, pulling tricks from thriller movies as well as Errol Morris in the quest to shove some new data into your brain. Client 9 is never just the sordid details of Elliot Spitzer’s downfall, though you get some of those to keep things spicy; it’s also a primer on New York legislative shadiness and how to catch your political rival with his pants down. (Honorable mentions: Catch & Kill; Capote, Truman; Catch Me If You Can; Carr, Erin Lee.)