The Blotter Presents, Episode 125: Truth Be Told and Dark Tourism

Plus: Don't F**k With Cats

In this week’s episode of The Blotter Presents podcast, Sarah is joined by Jeb Lund to discuss fictional “true crime” series Truth Be Told. The Apple TV+ show has garnered some fairly scathing reviews, and Jeb and Sarah don’t deviate much from the herd.

Seriously, the document we use to keep the podcast on track reads thusly:

Discussion areas: 

  • It's bad

  • Why's it so fuckin' bad?

As I love it when Sarah hates things, and Jeb is a very funny person, though TBT’s fake true crime is definitely not worth your time, Sarah and Jeb’s takedown of it most certainly is. You can listen to their full discussion of the show here. — EB

For this week’s Cold Case, Sarah and Jeb tackled an episode of Netflix series Dark Tourist. The series, if you haven’t watched it, is about people’s fascination with spots related to terrible events (a “haunted” forest in Japan, Escobar-related locations in Colombia — you get it).

In the episode they watched, which is set in the U.S., New Zealand journalist David Farrier (who hosts the show) met a Jeffery Dahmer fan in Milwaukee, took a couple JFK assassination tours in Dallas, and lived the Anne Rice dream of a “vampire” dinner in New Orleans. The show is a tough sell, as it’s hard to find a middle ground between commenting on these tragedy-centric pursuits and participating in them, and it’s unclear if Farrier has any idea how to balance the two. All in all, Sarah and Jeb suspect, the show has more wasted opportunities than it can handle. You can check out Dark Tourist here to check their work, or just listen to their conversation about the show here. — ELB

Don’t F**k with Cats is now available on Netflix. The three-part docuseries, which we covered here, was released in the US and UK today. Best Evidence subscriber Margaret Howie says that she just dipped into it, and that while “it's pretty engaging so far” she warns that — as you likely expected from the title — there is footage of animal cruelty. If you’re checking it out, let us know in the comments — it would be fun to trade notes! — EB

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