The Blotter Presents, Episode 120: The Preppy Murder And Killer Legends

Plus: Impeachment!

On this week’s episode of The Blotter Presents podcast, Sarah is again joined by Piper Weiss to discuss The Preppy Murder: A Death In Central Park. It’s a documentary series on the infamous, 1980s-drenched slaying of Jennifer Levin, whose convicted killer, Robert Chambers, claimed that she died accidentally during a particularly rowdy bout of al fresco sex.

We’ve all had since 1986 to set our opinions on the case, so can a revisiting of the well-trod tale change your mind? Perhaps, if your opinions on toxic masculinity have altered over the years -- or perhaps it’s time for a new audience to examine the case, as 1986 was (ugh) 33 years ago. That time gap might also explain why Sarah and Piper found the show to be useful in reminding them of some forgotten details of the case. Trigger warning: Linda Fairstein does indeed appear, without warning. The series airs on Sundance, and Sarah and Piper’s discussion can be heard here. -- EB

For the podcast’s Cold Case section, Piper and Sarah took another look at Killer Legends, a 2014 documentary about -- you guessed it -- urban legends that involve deaths. The doc takes on four of the classics: the hook in the car door, Candyman, the killer clown, and the babysitter who gets that call that’s coming from inside the house. Filmmaker Joshua Zeman also had a hand in Cropsey, a similarly mythical tale.

In the segment Sarah and Piper evaluated, they look at how the death of Janett Christman informed the babysitter’s legend, a story that’s been used to scare every teen girl left alone in the house since the 1950s. Are urban legends just a distraction (like presidential tweets), used to keep us from thinking about real fears? You can watch Killer Legends here and decide for yourself, and/or listen to Piper and Sarah’s chat on the matter here. -- EB

I just got an email from Vanity Fair that was subject lined “Welcome to Impeachment Day!” For some reason, it made me think of this iconic moment from Independence Day, but a lot more things make me think about Independence Day than I’d like to admit. One thing I know is that I want to know everything that happens, but I can’t just call in sick to work and watch C-SPAN all day. (Unless I can! Get us more paid subscribers!)

That’s why I am psyched to see this list from Fast Company of freshly-launched impeachment pods. I am already looking forward to subscribing to a bunch then culling the herd. What I’m wondering is if I have the stomach for a possible impeachment podcast by Rudy Giuliani. CNN reports that he’s considering a podcast in which he’d provide his analysis of the public hearings in the House. I’m all for train wreck hate listens, but this one might cross the line for me. How about you? -- EB

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