Tell Us Your Favorite Heist

As part of my efforts to retain some semblance of mental health, I recently binged all the Ocean’s movies (yes, even 8). Beautiful famous people being beautiful and famous (but not getting hurt or hurting anyone) was just what I needed, but since then I’ve been thinking about heists, non-stop. I went down an “Old Blaggers” hole with the Hatton Garden gang (career criminals all pushing or past 70), and am now mentally casting an adaptation of the Alves dos Reis scheme. And what about those wacky teens and their Twitter bitcoin scam last month? Think about how much more they could have gotten if real, smart villains like Debbie Ocean (watch it again, it’s not that bad) were behind the bird.

What about you? What heists delight you, what adaptations best capture their spirit, and which of these true crimes do you think you could do better than they could? (I’m just saying, if I had access to Jeff Bezos’s Twitter…) Let’s come up with a roster of winning heists we can look to and/or study when the shit well and truly hits the fan.