Sherry Pie · Zodiac · GSK

Plus: Podcasting from jail

WHO WANTS PIE!?! I’m beyond excited to laugh and love with all of you this season, so I hope you have a sweet tooth because it’s dessert first.
Photo: @thegingerb3ardmen
(@chadwagnernyc + @steventrumon)
Lewk: @florencedlee
Hair: @steven_perfidia
Nails: @zennailsbyphn
Lashes: @sistermarypatmccooter
1st place ribbon: @kandytrip
Sweetie Pies: @demi_jolato @plainjanewolf @courtneyconquer @jamiequeenwest @alexislives @dustyray @sirmarcsinger @evanpavleyart
February 28, 2020

Viewers of RuPaul’s Drag Race are watching the prelude to a true-crime drama play out before their eyes. The reality competition show kicked off its 12th season on February 28, but less than a week later, BuzzFeed reported that one of this season’s contenders was allegedly behind an elaborate scheme involving impersonation, fraud, and sexual coercion.


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