Friday Discussion Thread: Share Your Unpopular True-Crime Opinion

Where’s Friday’s content-laden Best Evidence? You already have it — it accidentally sent Thursday afternoon! If you missed it, it’s right here.

Twiter’s response to that dufus who thinks that everyone hates Indian food might make you wary about announcing that you dislike a beloved true-crime property, but this is a safe space and we trust you! Unlike that dude, we know you won’t say that “no one” likes something that’s roundly popular (or to come for my beloved paneer naan, which you will have to pry from my dead, greasy hands).

Based on past Best Evidence discussions, we know that many of you fail to see the allure of podcasts like Crime Junkie, for example, and Sarah has been very open about how the format for most Parcast true-crime properties are not for her. I, myself, have a dislike of The Accused (the 1988 dramatic adaptation of the Cheryl Araujo case) that I will express only to you.

So, hit us with a universally "beloved" true-crime property that you dislike or just plain don't get. This is a safe space.