Thank you for the Bluesky invite code -- the last time you said you had some, I was uncharacteristically a full 24 hours late to the post, so I assumed they were gone. But the very first one worked for me now!

I am going to watch that HBO love cult doc tonight. I already watched both Twin Flames Universe docs... jesus, those people suck. Pun intended.

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I, too, am skeptically fascinated by the ‘fentanyl panic’ stories. We have billboards warning of fentanyl danger, but somehow not one story of poisoning via trash can or burger wrapper or whatnot. Must be a bigger-city thing. Or total BS.

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I have been a Fincher Head since “Freedom 90” and have dedicated this weekend to decadent self-indulgence. Should I test the waters of “The Killer” or just rewatch “Zodiac”?

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