Long weekend catch-uppertunities

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It’s a long weekend, and you know what that means. Three glorious days of catching up: on pollen-dusted books, teetering stacks of magazines, DVRs bulging with Philly DA-isodes, podcast seasons that hope you need to clean the oven manually…

At least, that’s me on the Friday of a long weekend: good intentions, and an officiously neat to-do Post-It. By the Monday afternoon, I’m like, why, WHY did I let myself nap in front of SVU reruns again instead of finally finishing that Mary Rogers book?!

What’s on your holiday-weekend catch-up list? Empire of Pain? A Netflix three-parter you swore you’d watch after your second shot? Or are you consciously uncoupling from true crime for a few days with the NBA playoffs or a music bio?

(And hey, if you saved a specific true-crime property to enjoy at your leisure this weekend, and it ends up laying an egg, we’re here for you. Come on by and lament.)