It's Time For A True-Crime Forcening

Are there any true crime movies or TV shows you’re longing to see Sarah or me tackle? Shows you think we’d love (but have yet to check out) or docs you want to torture us with?

Well, welcome to Best Evidence’s first ever True Crime Forcening, where you can make it happen. (We’re borrowing a page from the Extra Hot Great podcast’s forcening tradition here, so go listen to that fine property too!) So here’s how it works: Suggest TV or movie properties in the comments below, ideally with a target (Sarah or Eve) in mind. We’ll edit out any that are either inaccessible or that we’ve already watched, and put it into poll that we’ll run next week. Our eventual reviews will be a paid-subscriber-only bonus, so you know what that means…

So, start suggesting some Forcenings, and may the best (or worst) show win.

PS We also ask that you skip any with animal-related violence, as it will anger our pets. Ha ha, that’s not why…but that’s our one shared trigger, and we appreciate your understanding.