Friday Open Thread: Six Degrees Of...First-Degree?

I’ll skip the “blood” wordplay and get straight to the topic. Which cases/criminals are you interested in because they’re only a couple of “degrees” away from you? Mine is that guy up there, “Little Nicky” Scarfo, for whom a relative ALLEGEDLY did some little jobs. VERY little, just to work off vig! Allegedly. There’s absolutely no way this relative shows up in books about the Philly mob after, like, doing collections maybe twice? But I read them anyway. (A relative on the other side of the tree, my first cousin once removed, was a kicker on the Buffalo Bills in 1971, but I’m not interested in OJ Simpson for that reason.)

I also maaaaay have done the Ancestry DNA kit in part to see whether I was related to John Bunting. (I’m not. Not related to any other Buntings of note, either.)

Obvs you’re not required to divulge anything you don’t wish to — but if you have little connections like this that you find interesting, feel free to share. — SDB