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Plus: Books, books, and books

I feel sort of bad about taking this story when known D.B. Cooper stan Sarah Bunting is just a slack away. But not so bad I won’t write up the new trailer for HBO’s The Mystery of D.B. Cooper, which is set to drop on November 26.

While I’m not as obsessed with the 1971 hijacking as Sarah is, I do love the mystery of it all the same way I can endlessly mull the likelihood that those guys who glued together those raincoats made it out of Alcatraz. And I will probably watch this doc, especially because it drops in the cozy, TV-friendly Thanksgiving holiday. Doesn’t this feel like a good one to watch with your folks, if you can? — EB

For four years, I’ve argued that I’m too anxious/distracted to read. I mean, of course, I read, that’s what I do all day. But sitting down with a book has been extremely hard for me for the last few years, but I am feeling a fresh sense of calm and resolve these days. I might get on these first, because they all sound like fun:

  • We Keep the Dead Close: A Murder at Harvard and a Half Century of Silence Author Becky Cooper investigates the 1969 slaying of a graduate student, to raves from USA Today and NPR. From the latter:

    Consider this: One of the prime murder suspects for a time was Britton's advisor. Cooper interviewed that now elderly professor and he told her that after Britton's death, he received a call from the dean who offered him Harvard's full support without reservation. Cooper recalls the professor grinned as he added: "[The dean] didn't even ask me if I did it!"

Catching up on true true crime…Here’s the latest on a couple crimes we’re watching closely.

Should I be watching this season of Fargo? According to Den of Geek, this season tips its hat to the infamous Kansas City Massacre of June 17, 1933, in which four cops and federal prisoner Frank Nash were killed in a botched escape attempt. The FBI has their accounting of the events here, and DoG succinctly describes it as “a major fuckup for organized crime.” Since fuckups are solidly on brand for Fargo, I can see why this story might be part of any season of the series, all the episodes of which are available on Hulu. — EB

Listeners of WTOP’s An American Nightmare podcast will soon have new episodes to enjoy. It’s second season will be called Murder in a Safe Place, and will examine the unsolved case of “Sherry Crandell, a 50-year-old hospital worker who was brutally assaulted and later found dead in her office at Prince George’s Hospital Center.” It’s set to launch in January, 2021.

How did I miss Easy Prey? This podcast about “the danger and traps lurking in the real world, ranging from online scams and frauds to everyday situations where people are trying to take advantage of you—for their gain and your loss” is right up my alley, but it’s somehow eluded me until this week.

That’s when someone sent me the episode of the show that features Kelly Paxton, aka “the Pink Collar Crime Lady,” a private investigator who specializes in financial crimes — mainly embezzlement — committed by women. If you’re in a by-the-numbers mood, Easy Prey has some good ones based on the ep:

  • Only 15% of embezzlement cases are reported to law enforcement. (But…how do we know?)

  • 60 percent of all dentists (?!?) have been ripped off. Dentists?

  • 90 percent of all bookkeepers in the U.S. are women. I think I see where this is going.

  • “The number one way people embezzle from the workplace is forged or unauthorized checks.” OMG I forgot about checks.

You can subscribe to Easy Prey here, and Paxton’s episode is here. — EB

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