Can True Crime Bring Us Together This Thanksgiving?

It’s a pretty major “no shit” that the Thanksgiving holidays are different this year, what with how gathering with Grandma might kill her. (And you! I mean, who knows where Grandma’s been?) That means many of us are staying home, alone. Others are heading out to fraught gatherings, with certain family members passively-aggressively talking about those who chose not to attend, perhaps…or saying more pointed things about who supported what political candidate, who may or may not have truly won a recent election.

Of course, this isn’t the first year we’ve had to deal with a politically loaded holiday, just the weirdest one. One way to diffuse the tension, as we’ve all learned, is to turn on something politically neutral (if there is such a thing) that you all can enjoy together.

That’s where true crime comes in. In a lot of cases, even the most divided group can agree that certain on-screen suspects are good, and others are bad. Now, with kids underfoot, this means that you and your MAGA-capped uncle can’t bond over Ted Bundy, but there’s still a lot of room within the genre to consider. What are some true-crime properties that are great for the whole family (or, at least, of low trauma levels for the little ones)? Which shows or movies should be avoided at all costs? Share your ideas below — they just might save someone’s holiday.