Oct 11, 2021Liked by Best Evidence

I am loving Bad Sport. I’ve only watched the first two episodes (basketball and European football) but those have been good. It’s meeting the sweet spot of crime that I find interesting plus sports stuff that hubby will watch. He fell off a ladder a couple of weeks ago and had to have a hip replacement based on the location of the fracture he sustained. He is the very definition of an impatient patient, so I’m actively searching for appealing Netflix fare. The figure skating episode is next up, so let’s see if the thumbs up for this series is still there. I’m also trying to get him into RPDR UK series three - no crime yet in that one, because Veronica Green was not robbed!

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Oct 12, 2021Liked by Best Evidence

Being a cricket fan, I went straight to the Hansie Cronje episode and that’s the only one one I’ve watched - nothing revolutionary but they did get interviews with most of the big players so that was impressive. Definitely going to watch the rest.

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