Best Evidence has Olympics fever! (Ugh, phrasing.)
Edgar Awards midyear predictionsThe Townhouse, locus of much of the action in Last Call (SDB lived down the street in the mid-nineties). (Edward Keating / New York Times) “Hey,…
Plus: A cop who won an award for...not working?
Plus the death of a monster and the ghosts in a Mississippi barn.
Is there a true-crime doc in YOUR childhood?And no, I don’t mean that you can sue your parents for never coming through with a pony. (You can’t. I checked.) I’m talking about the safety ha…
And "The Staircase" moves to behind-the-camera announcements
Plus "Mystery At Sea," Sarah Weinman's next book, and more
Plus: A crime writer's personal crime tale
Plus A&E premieres and "Dr. Death" reviews
At "Dr. Death"'s DoorWelcome to the Dr. Death open thread! Are you watching the Peacock docudrama? What do you think so far? I’m about halfway through and quite impr…
Plus: "'Tiger King' shit"
Plus Michael Avenatti, robbery re-enactments, and a vintage British con