Plus the Human Rights Watch fest and Anna's art show
Plus, a birthday sale!
Plus ID reboots, BS genre sexism, and the Bay Ridge blotter
What's the *real* crime of the century (so far)?I am loath to bring up the former president, but here we go: at a rally this weekend in Austin, the disgraced former leader of the U.S. announce…
Plus: Tyler Perry's true crime op-ed
Plus Candy Montgomery meets Max Fischer
Plus: whatever happened to the reporter who threw it all away for the Pharma Bro?
Plus the Pulitzers, the Sacklers, and the Amish
It’s not a hot potato, so why do Sarah and I keep passing it around?
The B.E. Most Wanted: True-Crime DocumentariesI’d like to put together an ongoing list or “chart” of the all-time classics in true crime — one for each medium. Feature documentaries, docuser…
Plus the return of "Vincent Chin"
What motivates an alleged fraudster like Elisabeth Finch?